Quick Start Guide to Easy TCD

A quick start guide is the leaflet you usually find in an electronic gadget that allows you to get started with the product quickly. It’s not necessarily comprehensive and nuanced but it does help you do things quickly. This guide to “Easy TCD” is just a couple of ways you can get started on TCD.

I’m not sure if it’s better to start with what not to eat or what to eat and do but it really should be based on what to do. I am sure I heard on a podcast or some other material that kids are best told what to do and not what not to do. (ie say sit here, rather than don’t touch that vase.)

But the problem is that everyone is coming off a different base and from a different angle. So here I’m offering two options. One more carnivore style and one more for convenience. The good thing is that all of these are optional as long as you include the saturated fat component.

The carnivore option doesn’t give you too much opportunity to add high stearic acid fats (other than suet!) – whether or not it’s enhanced or not.

The second option is for the those who don’t have time or are easing into things and may not want to be keto or carnivore. I’ve still kept it relatively “low carb”.

Option 1: Carnivore-ish

Eat beef, lamb and other ruminant (ie animals that graze and eat grass) fats, meats and organ meats.

Bone broth is good especially if you make it the way I do which is not with bones but rather with meat. I also like adding tendon for extra collagen! I think Brad was going to post a recipe about how to emulsify some more fat (tallow I assume) into his broth.

Eggs are good ish – best if cooked with extra stearic acid either butter or tallow.

Eat butter or tallow (use this to cook with… or just add it to your meat as a ‘sauce’ or butter your steak like you would bread.

butter on steak
buttering your steak

Tea/Coffee with optional butter or cream.

Ice cream

Add suet — https://fireinabottle.net/grassfed-beef-suet-is-an-excellent-source-of-stearic-acid/ which is 37% stearic acid. I use a tallow which is from grass fed suet.

Option 2: Convenient and not so SAD

Of course you can have the Carnivore version plus the following:

Eat butter croissants (check ingredients label!) with butter, ham and cheese.

I’ve been known to just eat a butter croissant often with extra butter…

Best croissant for breakfast so far – from Reuben Hills (Surry Hills Cafe)

Eat eggs benedict (with hollandaise sauce) – I skip the ‘bread’ component.

Eat (cheese) burgers with cheese and salad. Yes you can even eat the bun (I wouldn’t do it but you could at a pinch).

Eat high percentage dark chocolate or possibly white chocolate (but not milk chocolate to stay within TCD ratios).

Eat cacao butter – I add this to keto friendly hot chocolate mixes. Or a coffee.

I’ve eaten scrambled eggs which I know were made with a lot of butter and cream with sourdough toast. See my post about Bill’s.

Vegetables with butter! Even mash potatoes with butter.

Roasted vegetables and beef brisket is something I can get at a food court.

Cheese – I believe hard cheese is the way to go (but I’m not a huge cheese eater myself)

Ice cream, yoghurt, sour cream. Even milk.

Risotto – I haven’t done this one yet but it’s on my future list.

French restaurants – as long as you can ask them to not cook in vegetable oils! A steak tartare is a lovely option. Just don’t expect to have your “frites” with your steak as it’s unlikely they will cook it in tallow for you but you can always make steak and chips/fries at home if you cook in tallow.

Most fruits. Obviously they don’t have much in the way of fats in most cases. But they are also low in PUFAs.

Brad has a list of foods on his site too including foods to avoid and foods to eat: https://fireinabottle.net/the-croissant-diet-specification/

I ‘get’ it now and it’s fairly easy to navigate when out and about as to what I can and can’t eat. Cooked in no fats (aka properly grilled and not brushed or basted with anything) is usually OK. Otherwise butter = good. Or just do poached eggs or stews or roasts or (clear) broths.