My Croissant Diet Journey…

How did I get here? To The Croissant Diet (TCD) I mean…

This is my recent journey…

It’s Sunday 27 September 2020 and I’ve been on a TCD type diet since mid August 2020 – so about 6 weeks. I started it after spotting a Tweet about “The Croissant Diet” which lead me down a rabbit hole of reading Brad Marshall’s site – Fire in a Bottle.

I’m Chinese background and live in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been overweight most of my life and find it hard to lose weight. My BMI sits around 27

Up until now I’ve been eating ketogenically and run and maintain the site. My version of keto is basically monitoring carbs and keeping them very low. I have a philosophy of trying to eat as I mean to go on – a ‘way of eating’ rather than a diet. And I definitely liked the idea of Dr Berg’s Keto where it was mostly green leafy vegetables with some meat and fat and if you were to eat carbohydrates that would need to fit into your budget of 20g (net). Basically it was lazy keto. I was on a keto diet from October 2018.

As part of the Covid-19 pandemic we went into lockdown where basically we all stayed at home… and didn’t visit anyone. So I decided to control my diet and eat a carnivore diet in the form of steak and eggs. I did this around Easter time (April) for 3 weeks… and continued carnivore-ish but added some other animal products in such as pork and chicken. Then I added back in some nuts… because I love nuts 😐. But I slowly gained back some of the weight lost from being strict carnivore…

Here’s a timeline I put together of my recent journey and how I got here

So my TCD journey started with trying to read and understand the mechanics of The Croissant Diet.

I ate butter by the slice. I bought beef fat and ate that. I ate lots of beef and lamb. I cooked my eggs in beef fat or butter. I ate cacao butter.

I then tried adding butter/tallow to keto bread. And voila I got the satiation!

I also bought some stearic acid from Brad’s site – and waited for it to arrive.

I bought some suet tallow from Tassie Tallow and waited for it to arrive.

I also did a two week experiment with starches and the stearic acid and a Continuous Glucose Monitor!

And in the last couple of days I’m really feeling that this is it. Why? Because I feel so different mentally about food! No longer do I feel that I have to use my willpower to not eat. I literally do not want to eat. I could eat but I don’t have that eating drive. I feel like a ‘normal’ person. I was just listening to Brad on a podcast ask “if I am fat, why am I hungry?”. I haven’t thought that previously but it makes so much sense. Yes if I have my own fat… why can’t I just use that before I feel hungry? I suspect it’s because I have had the journey before with a ketogenic diet and cooking mostly at home and having got rid of seed/vegetable oils mostly, I have eliminated a lot of PUFAs. Regardless I’m excited where this is going to take me.

I’ll write up a more back story back story at some point but think this is a good start for an understanding on how I got here.