Key Resources

The Croissant Diet is new and I come from a keto / carnivore / Australian perspective or bias. There are a few resources around which you may find useful.

This page is a work in progress (3 November 2020)

– Yvonne / Easy TCD

Read it

Fire in a Bottle – Brad Marshall’s site (the founder of The Croissant Diet) –

Saturated Fat subreddit –

Peter from Hyperlipid – this site is super science-y but if you are into it dive in (you’re looking for the Protons theory stuff) –

Watch it – YouTube Videos

Brad Marshall

Michael Eades

Dr Chris Knobbe (pronounced like Obi Wan Kenobi)

Dr Paul Saladino

Paul Mason

Tucker Goodrich

Peter Dobromylskyj aka Hyperlipid

Spend some money! (There are no affiliate links)

Stearic Acid and Butter Oil from Fire in a Bottle

Stearic Acid Supplement from Paul Saladino’s company – Heart and Soil –

Low PUFA pork (US)

Firebrand Meats –

Nose to Tail –

Low PUFA chicken (US)

Firebrand Meats –

Nose to Tail –