Croissant with Butter

The Case for Starch

The original TCD includes starch. Yes carbohydrates. Usually in the form of white flour but can also be white rice or corn starch or potatoes or oats! So far I’ve only really tested white flour in the form of cookies and “croissants”.

My recent diet history in keto and carnivore-ish which means that I come into TCD with a fear of carbs. But the original mouse study – extract can be found here – indicated that by upping stearic acid intake and reducing oleic acid would help lose fat – especially abdominal (that’s the tummy!) fat.

And then Brad from Fire in a Bottle designed The Croissant Diet or TCD – because the ratios of fat to carbs to proteins made him see “croissant” (imagine the scene in The Matrix where the guy can read the code and see a scene… Brad obviously sees macros and appropriate food!)

So he set out to eat croissants and lost weight!

But for TCD to work… you don’t have to eat starch or carbs!

And by ‘work’ in my view it’s to stay healthy and yet lose fat.

for TCD to work… you don’t have to eat starch or carbs!

You can certainly just up the saturated fat and reduce the PUFAs to a minimum. That means eating meat (and optionally vegetables) and just increase the butter and tallow and minimise (to almost zero!) any vegetable oils, any processed foods and any pork or chicken.

However, most anecdotal reports, starches such as bread or wheat or potatoes or oats can help with satiation. I haven’t tried most and only tried a couple of options. The good thing about starch is that it can soak up extra saturated fat!

I’ve tried eating cacao butter and butter straight to up my saturated fat.

Slice of butter on plate

But it doesn’t give me that feeling of contentment I now know is satiation.

And maybe it’s a threshold thing. A little bit of starch makes the medicine go down makes me happy – it quietens the gremlins that may want to eat more.

The options I’ve tried are:

  • Making my own croissants – which didn’t work too well looks wise when I used my version of stearic acid enhanced butter. It did provide satiation though! Especially when I added extra butter to it.
  • Making toll house cookies with stearic acid enhanced butter
  • Fried fruit sourdough bread in tallow or butter or stearic acid enhanced butter or tallow (and then adding extra butter)
  • Keto fried bread (prepared in the same way as above)
  • Cruskits with butter
  • Keto crispbread with butter
  • Store bought butter croissants (either with just butter or with eggs)
keto crispbread with butter

The starch seems to be the magic trick. It may not even need to be ‘real’ starch/carbohydrates. As in keto bread/crispbread works well too (even if it has some PUFAs in my case!) but as I mentioned it could be because I have reached a certain threshold.

Today I had eggs benedict “naked” for my first meal at lunchtime. Yes a naked Benny. Somehow that doesn’t sound right. And it made me full. But by 6pm I was hungry but not gremlin-y needing to eat. By the time I got home at 8pm I was hungry. I wanted to eat. I cooked a couple of eggs but it wasn’t till I had a piece or two of Cruskits did the satiation kick in. It was a total of 11g of carbs.

I have yet to go back to zero carbs. But I am low carb. And trying not to fear carbs as much as I did. Especially since today I fit into my new work pants (which I bought and were a bit tight on purchase 3 month’s ago… but now are not!)

So starch is a yes from me — albeit just a bit and not too much.


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!

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