Stearic Acid and Butter on Steak

Satiation steak

I’ve written about satiation early on as that is what I believe is the magic of TCD. It’s when you ‘lose’ that satiation that really is annoying.

On Friday that’s what happened. I somehow had lost it. Thursday I had eaten out as I went into the office. And then — Saturday Satiation Steak event!

Thursday’s food:

  • Coffee with colleagues (black)
  • Pho with no noodles (out)
  • Steak and eggs
  • White Chocolate hot drink (with cacao butter)

I felt bloated (I figured from the vegetables in the pho!)

Friday’s food:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Strawberries
  • White Chocolate hot drink (with cacao butter)
  • Steak with tallow
  • Macadamia nuts (a few handfuls!)
  • A chunk (slice) of butter
  • Pork, pork liver and spinach (cooked in lard) (at my Mum’s place)
  • Blueberries and Strawberries

I felt stuffed (full) but not satiated. The reason I say I wasn’t satiated is that I had to exert willpower to not eat. It’s every time I contrast it that I know what satiation is. Friday I kept going back for “just a few more” macadamia nuts. I now know that’s just my body wanting something more but it definitely doesn’t help the scale at all!

But yesterday… I got my satiation back! And it wasn’t even intentional. I’m going to try and replicate it again today… when I get hungry enough to eat!

I started my day off on Saturday with a walk with my dog Pepper and then came home and had some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) — I just have a splash with water — and a large cup of coffee – I do a pour over coffee which is delicious! (With Single O beans).

I then cooked for lunch… and made stearic acid enhanced steak. Here’s a pic:

Porterhouse steak with stearic acid and then butter.

I have made stearic acid steak before with little to no effect. I’ve done tallow with steak before with a yum but no discernible satiation effect.

I cook it in a turbo oven as I am throwing my air fryer out after watching the “The Devil we know” documentary and the problems with Teflon. This seems to work better than just “frying” in SA enhanced ghee… even if it looks like it all drips off!

Cooking my stearic enhanced steak in a turbo oven

It only takes about 8 minutes in the preheated turbo oven (on around 200 degrees C). I try and rest it but definitely either putting tallow or butter on top does make for a much juicer steak!

I try and lift out the steak without draining all the “juice” off it… but it’s hard. And much of the lovely butter will have dripped off.

Tada! Steak!

I also had 2 squares of 85% dark Lindt chocolate.

That’s all the food I had yesterday. I still haven’t eaten (it’s now 11:30am on Sunday). I did have two cups of Avalanche Hot Chocolate with some cacao butter. Not that they don’t have calories but they were more an additional ‘treat’ than something I needed or wanted. They are also (not including the cacao butter!) about 5g carbs per serve and 42 calories. I tend to make an extra big mug with a serve so it’s less sweet. If you want to find out more visit the Avalanche website. I also have a white chocolate one I like of theirs which isn’t on the website… so here’s pics of the box (dang I must have had my last one yesterday!)

box of Avalanche Caramelised White Chocolate
Back of Avalanche Caramelised White Chocolate

So what causes satiation? I still don’t know! But the stearic acid plus butter seems to have made things work. As mentioned I have tried the stearic acid and steak. I’ve tried butter. I’ve tried steak. It’s only when I don’t have to exert willpower then I know I’ve reached that magic satiation feeling.

For those who care the steak was approximately 350g uncooked (and cost about A$10).

Also as of this morning I was down 1.16kg from yesterday. But before you get too excited I have gained weight since starting TCD… even after dropping carbs back to my baseline…

As I think this is the magic of TCD, I will continue posting days or meals when I feel this ‘magic’ if I try different combinations. Or if I do the same/similar combination and lose it again.


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!


October 19, 2020 at 2:17 am

So basically you just sprinkled stearic acid on the steak and then added pats of butter right?

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