Magic of Satiation

What a word! Satiation. It means full or content. Or satisfied.

But it’s a feeling that I hadn’t had before The Croissant Diet (TCD).

How do you know what it feels like? I can’t explain it well but you will know it when you feel it.

Where before I would either tell myself (mentally) to stop eating or have a feeling of fullness in my tummy, this feeling of contentedness is a mental relief.

If you have ever felt that urge to finish a block of chocolate or finish a piece of cake and have that mental battle you need to go through to try and stop yourself from doing so. Or if you ever had to berate yourself for going to the fridge and eating another square of chocolate, you may know what I have gone through in the past.

Keto and carnivore (or even vegan) helps provide a framework to eat with so you know what foods to eat or avoid. “Not my food” is how I heard it being described by a friend of mine. And that works great and helped me a lot to stop eating some foods. Carbs were on the “not my food” list. And I always had a fairly decent list of foods that were “not my food” – like chips (crisps), alcohol, lollies (sweets) and soft drinks (sodas). And thank goodness they were just foods I didn’t like since I could remember. It did make going keto a lot easier.

I even fasted. And whilst I wasn’t really hungry during the fast it was another framework type mental model to not eat.

Willpower also helps a lot to stop yourself from eating that next piece of cake. Peer pressure too. Even if it’s from a family member to may look at you sideways as you take another serving or take that second piece of cake.

But satiation stops all of that mental battle.

I felt it early on a TCD meal, and now I’m still in a state of wonderment (is that a word?!) that I have this feeling of contentment about food. I don’t crave food. I may even feel that my stomach is empty and can decide like a rational adult if I should cook something to eat. There is a sense of calmness of whether or not to eat. And I can honestly say that I could happily not eat.

Two meals seem to be good for me at the moment. Which isn’t different to what my eating pattern has been. And I suspect I could easily OMAD (One meal a day) if I wanted to. Even on the weekend (and yes I’m at home most days as we are in Covid-19 pandemic mode which means we don’t get to go out that often) I can be watching cooking YouTube videos and not have any urge to eat!

I don’t know if it’s because I was keto and carnivore and somehow don’t have that much PUFAs or if it’s meal by meal effect. I got it during a meal that others have poo-poohed as I used keto bread (full of linseed oil!) and bacon (which is higher in PUFAs than other meats) and eggs (again ok but still has PUFAs). But I cooked the bacon and poured off the rendered bacon fat. I cooked the eggs in tallow/beef fat. I fried the bread in butter and tallow (this was all before I got the magical Stearic Acid!). I also then buttered the fried bread/toast. And when I say buttered, it was more that I treated butter like cheese and sliced it and laid it on top. This was the meal (except the second piece of fried bread isn’t on show):

Super satiation effects from this breakfast

In my defence re the PUFA ish breakfast – I’m in Australia and our bacon tends to be from Europe (which means lower PUFAs), and I don’t like wasting food so I wasn’t about to throw out the keto bread… esp since this worked for me.

After the first time I wanted to try and ‘recreate’ the feeling of satiation. And I managed to do it again using a similar meal. For me I needed the ability of the bread to soak up the saturated fat (I think!).

For the last week however, I seem to have turned some magical corner and I’m just satiated. I suspect my body has enough saturated fat or I’ve managed to eliminate enough of the PUFAs that my brain is saying that I can just be normal and not eat when I don’t need to. Given that I’m overweight and overfat I should be able to last a while before I feel that urge to eat. At least that’s the theory!

Right now it seems like a magic trick where I just don’t have an urge to eat. And don’t have to use my willpower. It’s an odd feeling.

Satiation on The Croissant Diet. It’s a thing!


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!

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