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Croissants – I want to believe!

On Brad’s blog, he references the “textbook” version of the Croissant diet. That means eating starch. Adding stearic acid enhanced butter or using high stearic acid products (such as cacao butter or tallow or butter) to starch and eating it with some protein.

There are a few cases of this working for others other than Brad.

My thoughts are captured in a classic poster:

The Croissant Diet – I want to believe.

Who doesn’t want to believe that you can have your croissant and eat it too? That rice and flour are back on the menu?

Part of me just wants to go crazy and just have croissant and butter and bread and butter all day. But I’m sure that’s not healthy and I need to eat some meat/protein sources.

A spanner in the works of my journey is that I’m iron deficient and I’ve been told that could be the reason why I just can’t lose weight. This is from Dr Paul Mason and since I’m going all the way to see him and paying extra to see him (as in it’s not all covered by Medicare), I really should listen to his advice, right? But he’s asked me to stop the stearic acid and basically stop any foods that could be preventing my iron absorption – including stearic acid and cacao butter and butter! And eggs! Although he did allow me to add in berries and carrots and rockmelon (cantaloupe). I did that for about 2 weeks although it’s made me unhappy. Funny how when I decided to do 3 weeks of carnivore (beef and eggs) I was ok with that but when asked by a well respected doc, I’m upset. I won’t see him till 1 April 2021 so I figured I have time to try and bump up my iron AND try and lose weight… the TCD way.

My friends (who all seem to be iron deficient!) have advised me to just stay away from the iron inhibitors when eating or taking iron. And I read somewhere if I am to supplement to take it every other day (which is in alignment with Dr Paul Mason’s suggestion to take it Monday, Wednesday and Friday — this is in a YouTube video).

So I’m going to do it this way:

Every second day – supplement with a liquid type iron supplement in the morning with ACV (to boost my stomach acid) and collagen (apparently it helps). I’m also hoping the ACV has plenty of vitamin C to help absorption.

Also drink iron infused water (using a Lucky Iron Fish). The water has a slice of lemon in it. Again I hope it’s enough vitamin C. Both of these I believe are non-heme iron.

Stop drinking coffee unless it’s social (and therefore only 1-2 times a week, max 3 times a week) – and have this outside of a 2 hour window of taking iron supplements or eating iron rich meals. So anytime from 8.30am should be fine.

Eat croissants (butter croissants) with stearic acid enhanced butter or just with butter. Eat SA enhanced scrambled eggs with it if I want. This is for lunch or dinner or breakfast.

Eat steak “buttered” with tallow. Have some berries or carrots or other fruit high in vitamin C straight after. This is to increase the iron. I’ve been told not to eat eggs with my steak as that could inhibit the iron uptake.

Drink hot chocolate type drinks (low sugar/keto ones) with cacao butter. I still can’t make myself eat sugar even if I am ok with starch!

Eat Cruskits (crispbread) with butter or enhanced butter. Add toppings like cheese and/or ham if I want.

Eat vegetables cooked in enhanced butter.

Maybe get some sourdough bread (with clean ingredients) and have some butter on it — maybe some cheese. Maybe add some ham?

Eat ice cream if I want with berries. (Small portion). I’m trying to be less a stickler for keto based ice cream but the only supermarket ice cream I trust (ingredients sound natural!) is Haagen-Dazs Vanilla! I’ll put up a post about it soon.

Eat chocolate – dark or white! Basically I look at the numbers based on Brad’s advice. Looking at Fat to Saturated fat – make sure the saturated fat is more than half the total fat. Looking at carbs try and make that equal or less than the total fat.

The good news is that I am again wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and will track it for a few days. The good news is that a croissant doesn’t seem to spike my blood sugar too much. And the better news is that ACV seems to keep it blunted (I did this when I had my ice cream tonight and white chocolate).

As you can see, the rockmelon seems to bumped things up and the hot chocolate. I actually think it was my undocumented chin up bar attempts that had my hump around lunchtime… but we’ll see with a bit more experimenting! I will also try more ACV tablets to see if that can continue blunting the response.

As you can tell from the actual blog I do want to believe that eating croissants can help me lose weight. I just have to commit to giving this a good go to seeing if this will finally help me drop some weight.


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!

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