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Carrot Salad – Ray Peat’s solution to excess estrogen

Did you know that carrots have some sort of special fibre that will carry coconut oil to the lower digestive tract? Neither did I? But eating carrot is a simple and easy health hack to do and so is making this carrot salad to help detoxify from excess estrogen and nasties. It’s been likened to taking charcoal tablets!

I made a video of how I make the carrot salad. I do it very simply using a special rotary type grater. Thank goodness my mum gives me cool gadgets – sometimes I don’t have much use for them so they sit in the cupboard for a long time… so I was quite pleased to get good use of it by making this salad almost every day (sometimes I skip a day or make a big carrot’s worth and split it into two day’s worth).

Other people make it in advance… and I hear that soaking and rinsing the carrots is a thing too if your digestive system doesn’t deal with the beta-carotene too well – evidence is oranging of calluses on your hand… (mine are still yellow so I think I’m OK!)

The ingredients

I believe the two key ingredients are the carrot and the coconut oil. The vinegar is mainly for the taste although there are benefits to having Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) so I use that over white vinegar. Salt is a thing too so I use that and don’t worry too much about having the purest white salt that others in the Peat community talk about.

The carrot has lots of benefits but the main thing is the carrot has a special indigestible fibre which will help carry itself to the lower intestinal tract helping “clear” it out… and it also helps bind the coconut oil to take that also to the same area! From what I have read the key benefits of carrots include:

  • lower estrogen (helps many “female” issues!)
  • combat bacterial growth
  • reduce inflammation
  • promote weight loss
  • help excrete endotoxins

You can read up more about the benefits of carrots and the carrot salad on various blogs including and

Coconut oil has many health benefits and it’s a saturated fat (ie not a PUFA!) and is antibacterial and is meant to be great for digestion. You can read up some of the benefits on this post that I found on the interwebs

Experience and Review of the Carrot Salad

There does seem to be something to the carrot salad as the first time I had it I had a serious snooze attack! I never (in recent years!) nap but had to do a 10 minute nap!

In the first few weeks I was having terrible sleep but put it down to the carbs due to the way I was eating… but then after skipping the carrot salad one day and then having the salad in the morning the next day noticed my sleep was back to my normal good sleep… so have now moved my carrot salad to mornings only. I was previously having it between lunch and dinner. You are meant to have the salad 1 hour away from a meal (or supplements or medications) as it may help clear that meal’s nutrients out too.

I’ve been telling my colleagues and friends about the salad and it does seem to have some benefits including for menstrual issues such as cramping.


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!


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I love all of your blog posts! Keep them coming!

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