Graph of Body Temperature Variation

Body temperature changes…

One of the theories of the SCD1 Theory of Obesity is that the burning of fat should increase body temperature… and I have an Oura ring… and this is the way the data looks.

It didn’t look very interesting and I couldn’t tell what was happening but I changed it from Daily to Monthly… (and I realised I needed to include Nov and Dec!) and then…

So it does look like TCD bumped up my body temperature! I’m not sure why there is a dip in October.. and December!

I also do some sauna’ing and the Oura ring measures body temps at night… and I know December I’ve been very bad so far in getting into the sauna so that could be contributing to the December drop…


I've been on a health discovery journey for many years. From my own issues as well as my Mum's diagnosis with cancer as constant reminders that I need to find something that works that seems "natural" and doable!


January 10, 2021 at 9:03 pm

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