freshly baked croissant

French Croissants!

Okay so if you are in France you get this everywhere… but for us in Australia and elsewhere just getting an “all butter croissant” can be more difficult than you imagine. Even the “all butter croissants” that we can get at a supermarket are ok ingredient wise but it’s not flakey and may not have the laminated layers.

I can get a lovely French style croissant in patisseries in Sydney – any decent patisserie is guaranteed to have a proper butter croissant. But sometimes you want just an every day croissant that is warm and toasty at home… and if you have tried the ones from the supermarket which are to be eaten after heating in an oven for 6 minutes, you know it’s good… but did you know you can get frozen Made in France croissants that aren’t pre baked?! Yes with French (assumed!) flour and butter!

I found this in Coles in the freezer section and they have both plain croissants and chocolate croissants. Normal price is A$7.50 for the 6 frozen raw croissants.

Le Fournil De Pierre Croissant

They do take a bit of time to bake – close to 20 minutes but you end up with a lovely flakey “home baked” croissant experience. And it’s flakey. And buttery. And French.

freshly baked croissant

I’m not sure why it doesn’t end up having pointy ends. It starts like this:

unbaked croissant

So if you want a freshly baked proper croissant at home without trying to find a fancy patisserie I can highly recommend this option. It doesn’t quite fit the macros that you are aiming for on TCD, so add some extra butter (or SA butter) and try and have some protein.


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