scrambled eggs, sourdough and butter

Bills for a TCD Breakfast

I wanted a croissant for breakfast. I thought that would be pretty safe for a TCD breakfast. No self respecting cafe that I would go to for coffee would dare be selling a croissant that wasn’t made with butter. I was thinking a nice croissant with coffee. But alas with Covid-19 or due to a move it was closed. Since I was in Surry Hills, and I was meeting up with a friend so we went to Bills instead (I had just walked past it and it looked fancy enough to provide a decent option).

Bills did not have a croissant. But being a famous restaurant I was advised by my breakfast buddy that the scrambled eggs is famous and buttery so I took a chance since it was served with sourdough. I just asked for “extra butter”. I paired it with a long black (coffee).

Delicious. Buttery. Devine and plenty of thick cut sourdough. I didn’t have the spinach (which I would have eaten had it been cooked in butter… but decided to avoid it in this case). The scrambled eggs definitely needed the salt which was brought to the table (very covid unsafe as it was a pinch plate of salt rather than a grinder!)

Tonight I thought I would just check it was butter and I can definitely confirm that it’s butter (apparently cultured butter) and cream as the key ingredients in the scrambled eggs. Phew. This article includes the recipe on the scrambled eggs:

So for those of you who fear you can’t eat out, you can. If you choose the right place and Bills is now on my approved list!

scrambled eggs, sourdough and butter


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French Croissants!

November 5, 2020