What is Easy TCD?

coffee and croissant on table

The Croissant Diet is a new (2019/2020) diet and term coined by Brad Marshall of Fire in a Bottle. I first came across it as a term on Twitter when some of the keto and carnivore diet people I follow mentioned it.

The Croissant Diet (TCD) is one which increases saturated fat, particularly stearic acid and avoids polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). You’re probably wondering how croissants get included? 🥐 That’s what intrigued me! The macros for the original scientific study that Brad Marshall looked into was the ratios for a croissant and it was click-baity. (That’s how I read it!)

The best definition or outline of the diet is this (straight from the horse’s founder’s mouth too :))

Reading up about the diet is fascinating… but very scientific and way above my head! Even after listening to podcasts and reading blog posts and watching YouTube about various carnivore, keto, nutrition and other content.

So this site is my attempt to simplify the diet and document my journey. I’m treating it as any consumer. Believe in the people who understand the science and blindly follow and question my n=1 experiments.

I started putting content on Reddit and my own personal blog as it didn’t fit in anywhere of my existing sites1 😁.

To understand where I’m coming from and my journey so far (till September 2020), you can read up on my backstory.

It may not work. Not much has so far. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Start your own TCD journey or follow me on mine.

Edit: December 2020 – something is working so I’m continuing on!

1Existing sites such as isitketo.info and keto4asians.com and even the never implemented foodtards.com.